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Worst Place Ever!!!
McDaniel’s Piggly Wiggly in Sneads, Florida is the worst place you could ever work. The owner Cody McDaniel has absolutely no care or concern for his employees. He allows certain employees he favors to do as they please their entire shift such as walk around, talk, play on their phones and even sleep in the meat department office while the other employees that he dislikes are expected to take up all the extra slack without question. This has been brought to his attention multiple times to which he blows it off or downplays the matter. If the issue is pressed, he’ll deny he was ever aware of the issue and has even gone as far as calling his employees liars. If they ones he dislikes refuse or fail to complete all the extra unnecessary duties, they are promptly written up or fired for “disobedience”. Essential you are treated as a slave, not an employee. He provides his employees with no benefits whatsoever, and Cody McDaniel even tries to force his employees to come to work even if they are truly sick or have urgent business matters to tend to. He will berate, belittle, and stomp on anyone he pleases if he thinks he can profit from it. He puts on a fake smile and is all “oh I’m your home town friend and family who genuinely cares when the truth is that he only cares about making more and more money by any means he deems necessary including destroying the lives of others. Then he’ll turn right around and have the audacity to “wish you all the best”. I hope he and his entire business goes under, the world would be one less crook in the world.

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